In Term 4 of 2019, Global Village School launched the Young Entrepreneurs Program to pilot our educational model and support students to engage with education. Hear more about this program from the students themselves:

On 13 December, 2019 we hosted our Inaugural Annual General Meeting. You can access our Annual Report to learn more about our progress in 2019, the partners who made this work possible, and the successes of the Young Entrepreneurs Program.

We also completed our Business Case with the support of Boston Consulting Group and Impetus. You can view the Global Village School Business Case to learn more.


What is Global Village School?

Our vision is to create an equitable educational model for all students, one where student background or postcode do not determine their success at school. Our school will bring young people out of the classroom and engage them authentically with the global world in which we live. Our students will be held responsible for their relationships with each other and the community more broadly. They will learn in an interdisciplinary setting that engages them in current local and global issues requiring deep thinking, creative collaborations and service to others. Our key strategies of therapeutic nature-based learning combined with risk-taking pedagogy are backed by partnerships with leading organisations in these fields. Who better to start a school than teachers, researchers and the community that will benefit from that school?

– Eric Woodward, Chair of Global Village School Committee

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Global Village School appears to offer a realistic and viable alternative that is, in my view, worthy of investment. If we can steer some of our young people in the right direction we could reduce many of the problems afflicting our community

Greg Davies (Victims of Crime Commissioner)

Global Village School is exactly the type of school our education system has been waiting for

Dr John Carnegie (Reach Foundation, Principal Jon Carnegie School)

There is a growing sense that schools are not doing a good job of preparing young people for the world they will enter. Educators of all kinds need to be adventurous, try different approaches, and rigorously examine what works and what doesn’t. I believe that Global Village School could be one of those ventures that help to frame a new way of thinking about education

James Button (Learning First)

Global Village School is a concept that outlines a truly visionary educational program

Dr. Janice Deans (Director of Melbourne University Early Learning Centre)