Imagine a school where students relished attending every day. Where school rituals helped students feel safe, accountable to one another and to their community and gave them the courage to learn without restrictions. Where students and teachers designed learning around contemporary global and local challenges that required profound investigation, collaboration and action to resolve. Our students aren’t in the process of becoming contributing members of society, they already are. Here is a taste of what they can do…

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Global Village School appears to offer a realistic and viable alternative that is, in my view, worthy of investment. If we can steer some of our young people in the right direction we could reduce many of the problems afflicting our community

Greg Davies (Victims of Crime Commissioner)

Global Village School is exactly the type of school our education system has been waiting for

Dr John Carnegie (Reach Foundation, Principal Jon Carnegie School)

There is a growing sense that schools are not doing a good job of preparing young people for the world they will enter. Educators of all kinds need to be adventurous, try different approaches, and rigorously examine what works and what doesn’t. I believe that Global Village School could be one of those ventures that help to frame a new way of thinking about education

James Button (Learning First)

Global Village School is a concept that outlines a truly visionary educational program

Dr. Janice Deans (Director of Melbourne University Early Learning Centre)