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"Oh no, not learning from home again!”

Wondering how you and your child will manage? Feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth? Struggling to keep them engaged while managing your own work commitments? Fear not! Global Village School has your back! Please submit a question or request a resource via this Google Form and our wonderful Global Village School teachers will respond as best we can. You are not alone.

Our teachers are experienced in both high school and primary settings. Eric and Lena each hold a Master's Degree in Teaching and currently teach in flexible learning settings.

Your Questions Answered

You asked: What activities can my child do during screen breaks?

You asked: What if my child is just NOT interested in one of their subjects?

You asked: How do I respond to challenging behaviour at home?

You asked: How do I replicate class discussions or feedback at home?

You asked: "How do I know if my child is struggling with their mental health?"

You asked: "How do I extend my child's learning when they finish the work quickly?"

You asked: "How can I support my child to continue to develop their friendships during this time?"

You asked: "How do I get my child to run their own day?"

If you would like to ask a question or ask for a specific resource to help you or your young people, please fill out this Google Form. Your insights will be shared on this page and our Global Village School teachers will create video responses to keep the conversation going.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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