Future Fit

Global Village School wants to give young people a platform to contribute to the changing tide of education. In Term 1, 2021, we will provide 30 Year 6 students with the opportunity to tell their stories by creating an original digital exhibition piece for the Fitzroy Writer’s Festival. The Future Fit program will provide students with a space for healing and recovery through creative expression, and will focus on empowering youth to voice their ideas and opinions about the future of education.

A team of passionate educators, youth workers and experienced digital designers will create a safe and caring learning environment for these young people to develop their digital literacy, creative thinking, collaboration and social skills that will serve them as they transition into high school.

Read more about the Future Fit program here.

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Interested in learning more? Contact Eric at: eric.woodward@villageeducationproject.org

Young Entrepreneurs Pilot Program

Young Entrepreneurs Program, 2019