Casey Mackinlay

Board Member

Casey Mackinlay is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is passionate about changing lives by instilling the confidence required to create your own opportunities.

As a single working mother, she challenged the status quo and quashed multiple stereotypes. She's made it her goal to show others that even when we struggle, we can come out on top. It's what she's done, and it's her mission to guide others along the way; whenever she can.

Her book, Girls Don't Lay Bricks, is a blueprint for best practices in business, life and love. It's a practical distillation of all the successful tactics, concepts and reflections that took her from hungry teenage mother and young bricklayer to CEO. Recently, she sold two of her successful businesses, The Promotions Company and Atelier, after achieving everything she wanted. Now she focuses on projects that bring her greater fulfilment. She's launched La Folie, Australia's first aerial silks competition to provide dedicated aerialists with the opportunity to showcase their talent and be recognised.

She loved every minute of organising such a large-scale event. She also landed herself on the speaking circuit, delivering talks to high school kids vouna man