Young Entrepreneurs Program

Launched in Term 4 of 2019, the Young Entrepreneurs Program provided students with an immersive, supportive and innovative learning experience that was framed around leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Using trauma-informed pedagogy and restorative practice approaches to building relationships, we created rich learning experiences grounded in critical thinking and creativity skills.

You can hear from Eric Woodward who was one of the teachers who had the opportunity to support this incredible group of students in this podcast.

Young Entrepreneurs Pilot Program

Students collaboratively designed the learning with teachers and tackled social justice issues that are of interest to them.

Students gained exposure to businesses and community organisations such as HoMie, RSPCA, AIME and others to learn more about the importance of social enterprise and build their entrepreneurial skills. We also explicitly developed students’ social and emotional capabilities, thereby raising their personal and learning self-esteem.

But don't take our word for it! Hear from the students themselves about what they learnt, the impact of the program, and the connections they've made:

We are in the process of having the Young Entrepreneurs Program evaluated and will post more information soon.

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pilot program