Welcome to Global Village School 2020!

Eric Woodward

As we return from school holidays we want to look back and celebrate our achievements in 2019 in order to feel hopeful about the year ahead. This year our team of volunteers adds some fresh faces and we are more driven than ever to get our school.

A Successful School Pilot

Term 4 of 2019 saw the undertaking of a pilot for our school. 16 lucky students participated over 10 weeks. Here's what they did...

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Belonging in school...Belonging in the World

Vincent Chiang

Good schools aren’t just places of learning; they should also be places where meaning and human connections are formed. Without question, schools must ensure that students are learning academic knowledge that will enable them to better understand and engage with the world around them. But schools must also empower students to live enriched, fulfilling lives, where they feel secure and able to flourish. Becoming emotionally aware and resilient isn’t just something that happens incidentally to being at school; schools themselves, …

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16 Young Entrepreneurs

Eric Woodward

The pilot continues...

It is week 5 of the Young Entrepreneurs Pilot Program, showcasing the Global Village School design. 16 students from 6 public schools across Melbourne have chosen to participate in this pilot to create an equitable and more engaging school model. The focus for this pilot...entrepreneurial skills for the 21st century work place! In particular...critical and creative thinking and personal and social skills. The program begins with social enterprises and not-for-profits presenting on the work they do and …

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We are officially ready for students!

Eric Woodward

Check out our space for students, which includes bean bags, cushions, tables for group collaboration, posters, and other welcoming decorations. We can't wait to enjoy this space with our students!


Meet Rachelle Cole – Young Entrepreneurs Program teacher

Eric Woodward


Rachelle will be the teaching the Young Entrepreneurs Program alongside Eric Woodward and Antoinette Russo (youth worker). Rachelle has taught at Glenroy Secondary College and has been a Senior Consultant at Dandolo and Senior Associate at Learning First.

Why do you teach?

I teach because it’s a really practical way to change minds and open up opportunities for people. I also really enjoy it. It’s one of those rare jobs that is both intellectually challenging and emotionally fulfilling.

What brought …

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Schooling and the Mental Health Crisis

Eric Woodward

How can relational and nature-based model make inroads?


Some of Eric’s students attend a week-long camp building social and emotional competencies

The Challenge

We know that mental health is the biggest current challenge faced by our young people and that its links to educational success are causational. 23% of all young people and 31% of Indigenous young people have a probable serious mental illness (Youth Mental Health Report, Mission Australia 2016). Other student cohorts are also particularly vulnerable including LGBTIQ+ …

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Supporting our pilot, the 'Australia We Want Report' and Open Letter to Dan Andrews

Eric Woodward

Pilot to Begin in Term 4!

We have an exciting opportunity to prove the value of our model for schooling. We are in the process of enrolling 15 lucky students to participate in a 10 week pilot called Young Entrepreneurs Program. How can you help?

Teachers and Youth Workers Apply Here!

Are you interested in helping deliver the Young Entrepreneurs program each Thursday of Term 4? A paid position is advertised here. Applications close 14 June.

Feature Article

The …

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May Newsletter 2019.

Eric Woodward

With our business case, registration as a charity and a pilot program in the pipeline, Global Village School continues to move from strength to strength. Our dedicated team is working behind the scenes to develop the partnerships needed to make our dream of an equitable school model for all a reality!

The Case For Capabilities...

Through an example from one of the most challenging learning environments in the state, Eric explains the power of focusing on capabilities

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2019: A Break Out Year

Eric Woodward

This is the year we make our school an inevitability. With a pilot program and a business case on the way we are gathering the evidence needed to demonstrate our model's validity. The students and teachers are ready and waiting, with our focus turning to the idea site for our can you help?

Article: Deep Learning and Disadvantage

What we are talking about here is learning that takes students ‘deeply’ into a topic, depth over breadth or ‘surface’ learning...In …

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