Meet Rachelle Cole – Young Entrepreneurs Program teacher


Rachelle will be the teaching the Young Entrepreneurs Program alongside Eric Woodward and Antoinette Russo (youth worker). Rachelle has taught at Glenroy Secondary College and has been a Senior Consultant at Dandolo and Senior Associate at Learning First.

Why do you teach?

I teach because it’s a really practical way to change minds and open up opportunities for people. I also really enjoy it. It’s one of those rare jobs that is both intellectually challenging and emotionally fulfilling.

What brought you to Global Village School?

I was particularly drawn to Global Village School’s curriculum. It integrates different learning areas and provides students with authentic learning experiences that they can help shape. This approach can be really motivating and engaging for both teachers and students.

What will you bring to the Young Entrepreneurs Program?

In 2017 I spent some time in the US studying and working in entrepreneurship education. I gained two insights from that experience that I hope to bring to the Young Entrepreneurs Program. Firstly, there are particular mindsets and processes that can help us be more creative and entrepreneurial. In addition, it’s important that teachers create a really inclusive environment so that students will feel comfortable to experiment.